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Limits on sales by MEHKO businesses are raised

On July 21, 2023, Assembly Bill No 1325 was passed raising the limits of sales by MEHKO businesses to 90 meals per week and $100k in annual sales.

Hemant Thakkar

July 21, 2023

Santa Clara County is Open for MEHKOs

On March 14, 2023, the Board of Supervisors, Santa Clara County pushed the MEHKO ordinance thorough the second and final hearing. The county is now open for applications from MEHKO businesses.

Hemant Thakkar

Mar 15, 2023

Santa Clara County is one step closer to MEHKO

On February 28, 2023, the Board of Supervisors, Santa Clara County pushed the MEHKO ordinance thorough the first hearing.

Hemant Thakkar

Mar 1, 2023

Do I need an IFSI for my home food business?

To be or not to be? Should a MEHKO or CFO signup with an Internet Food Service Intermediary.

Hemant Thakkar

Feb 6, 2023

Tips for Choosing an IFSI (Internet Food Service Intermediary)

Home kitchen, home food entrepreneurs can go solo for managing the business chores along with cooking or they can rely on a partner to take care of the business aspects while the focus on creating awesome food for their customers.

Hemant Thakkar

Jan 15, 2023

Localchefs is a registered IFSI

Localchefs is now a recognized, registered Internet Food Service Intermediary by California. That empowers LocalChefs to connect MEHKOs to their prospective costumers.

Hemant Thakkar

Nov 18, 2022

Grant for Home Food Business Entrepreneurs

San Diego Food Justice Project team is planning to initially issue grants to 100 small home food businesses. The State of California has awarded $1 million dollars for San Diego Food Justice Project, slated to support food-focused small business entrepreneurs - Micro-enterprise home kitchen operations (MEKHOs), sidewalk vendors, pop-ups and caterers, and immigrant owned restaurants!

Hemant Thakkar

Nov 15, 2022

Santa Clara County, California approves MEHKO Regulations

Santa Clara County, California has approved a pilot program to allow MEHKO home kitchen based food businesses. Process for permit to be announced soon.

Hemant Thakkar

Oct 24, 2022

Home-based Food Business – Regulations

Since food safety is obviously important to all communities, there are regulations that a food, catering business must follow. You will find pointers to regulations in your community here.

Hemant Thakkar

Oct 20, 2022

Food Ideas That Are Not Meals

When people think about starting a catering business, they mostly think about ready to eat meals. Well, there are many other possibilities that set you apart. Here is a starting point.

Hemant Thakkar

October 16, 2022

7 Ideas to Generate Income With Home Food

Building a food and catering business with normal, expect menu is of course an obvious place to start. However, take a look at alternative possibilities for product offering here.

Hemant Thakkar

October 14, 2022

How to Start a HomeFood Business

Resources about starting a home-based food business. With LocalChefs App, you can start right away. Nonetheless, the resources in this blog will inspire you with ideas.

Hemant Thakkar

Oct 13, 2022