How to Start a HomeFood Business

Hemant Thakkar - Oct 13, 2022

Things to Consider Starting A Home Food Business

LocalChefs is all about enabling normal folks to start home based businesses with no startup cost.

Home based food service is a kind of business that can be started with near zero startup cost. Even though, our apps make it very easy to start the business, it will serve you well to gain as much knowledge about the business as you can.

1. Explore and Study the Home Food Permit Page

Serving food from a home kitchen to customers requires proper permit in most parts of USA. We have a fair bit of details about regulations and permit process in many locations. Please check it out to get started.

2. Download, Install and Setup LocalChefs App

Once you have the permit sorted out, you can leave all of the business aspects to the LocalChefs app. The app handles everything except of course cooking :) The LocalChefs App connects you with your customers, keeps and presents your menu, takes and routes orders from customers to you and even provides in-app chat with the users. Last but not the least, it manages customer credit card processing and disbursement of your earnings to you.

With LocalChefs, you setup your menu, wait till the order comes in and then fulfil the order. You do not have to cook anything till you have the order.

It takes less than 15 min to setup the app. Please check out Videos to learn more about LocalChefs. Describe the food items you want to serve and you are off running.