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You love cooking. You are very good at it. You are known for a few special dishes or you have developed recipes that satisfy special dietary needs.

And you do not want the burden of running your own restaurant or you want to offer your dishes when you feel like rather than being committed to a restaurant.

That is just fine.

Offer your special dishes, your master pieces to people who will love them. Your foodie fans are just a mobile app away.

Follow your passion at your pace and schedule and the app does the rest.

Local Chefs has the lowest service fees in the industry.

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Offer Your Signature Dishes

Create the menu that shows your passion.

Remember, foodies love unique, authentic dishes that reflect your family and your culture. Let your heirloom recipes take be the heart of your menu.

Number of dishes are not important. One amazing, authentic dish that your fans rave about can bring in more orders and better reputation than a large number of dishes that are not very exciting.

Set up in the app, which days of the week you will offer your service. You may choose to cook only for the weekend or for the whole week – the choice is yours.

Set up in the app, how many days advanced notice you need for the order.

And then let it happen – incoming orders for dishes that are uniquely you.

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