Lowest Service Fees

Compare Local Chefs with Other Services

There is no comparison.

Other services charge fees twice that of Local Chefs.



7% Service Fee

3% Credit Card Processing Charges

Delivery Fee is Yours to Keep!


More than 20% Service Fee

Compare Local Chefs' 7% services fee (plus 3% credit card processing fees) with our competitors' higher than 20% service fee.

With Local Chefs, you keep more of the fruits of your labor. With others, well, they take a big chunk of your hard earned money.

With Local Chefs, you can also make money on delivery fees.

Local Chefs has simple model for getting food from you to your customer. It can be picked up at your location or you can deliver within distance of your choosing.

And you can decide how much you charge for delivering food.

Wait! There is more :) The delivery fee you charge is 100% yours to keep.