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Why Become A Local Chef?

You love cooking. And you can use money. You love to share your food with others and earn money doing what you love. There are many ways to do that, but becoming a Local Chef and starting a home based food business is the quickest and cheapest way to do it. Check out the analysis below to see why LocalChefs is the best way to earn income from cooking.

Much Cheaper And Quicker Than Opening A Restaurant

LocalChefs vs Starting a Restaurant

Cost to Get Started$0 (LocalChefs charges nothing, County fees vary )$100,000 or more
Time to LaunchLess than 1 HourMonths
StaffingSelf, Can be more if desired5 or more employees
PaybackImmediate1-4 years

See How You Make More Money With Local Chefs than Others

LocalChefs vs Other Services

There is no comparison. Other services charge fees twice that of Local Chefs.

LocalChefsOther Services
Service Fee7%20% or more
Credit Card Processing3%Included in Service Fee
Total Fee10%20% or more
Delivery Fee You Earn100% of Delivery You ProvideNo Option to Earn

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