Food Ideas That Are Not Meals

Hemant Thakkar - October 16, 2022

Food Business that does NOT Serve Ready-to-eat Meals

Mostly people think of prepared ready-to-eay meals when they think of a catering business.

Let's explore other possibilities that can provide large business growth and produce large income.

Think of Meal Parts

1. Packaged Meal Components

This product category has so many right things going for it!!

  • Longer shelf life (Still keep it natural, no preservatives please)
  • Larger, more diverse market
  • Packaged format allows differentiation

With all this goodness, it would be a silly not to take advantage of it.

Here are a few example products you can create business around.

  • Fresh pasta (of various types)
  • Custom fresh ground flours (of various grains various coarseness)
  • Pickles - Ah! Pickles of all kinds, of all ethnic style
  • Breads - of all types

2. LocalChefs App is Ideal Platform for This Unique Home Food Business Opportunity

  • Download, Install and Setup LocalChefs App (15 min)

  • Describe the food items you want to serve and off you go.

No, Really! It is no more complicated than that. Check it out yourself.

Please check out Videos to learn more about Food Service using the App.