Santa Clara County is Open for MEHKOs

Hemant Thakkar - Mar 15, 2023

News Flash: Santa Clara County, California, Board of Supervisors have approved the ordinance for the second hearing on March 14, 2023.

Santa Clara County is Open for Business - MEHKO Business That Is

The MEHKO Approval is Done.

On March 14, 2023, The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved the MEHKO ordinance in the second hearing held for it. The council also heard from the Marilyn C Underwood, Director of the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) about the fees and implementation for the MEHKO program.

The DEH has application forms available on the site. Applications are accepted starting today (March 15, 2023).

We have a quick access set up for the relevant documents HERE.

An important aspect to consider in applying sooner rather than later is that the fees are waived for the year 2023.