Jump Start Home Catering Business Using LocalChefs

First Things First

LocalChefs makes it extremely easy and free to start home based businesses.

Home based catering service is a business you can easily start from home using LocalChefs App on your smart phnoe.

Step 1: Get the app

Download LocalChefs app from Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android phone. Note that it is different than the app for foodies. Look for Chef’s Hat on top of a home icon.

Step 2: Get On-boarded

Launch the app.

Enter your mobile phone number as the app will ask for it.

The mobile phone will receive a verification code that you need to enter as the app will ask for it.

Step 3: Provide W-9

W-9 information is needed to report income to IRS. Please print form W-9, fill it out, sign it and upload it through the app. You can do it later if you wish. Please note that you will be active on the platform only after a valid W-9 is received by us.

Step 4: You are ready to offer your dishes.

At this point you are registered as a HomeChef.

However, users can only find you if you have at least one item in your menu to offer. So you should publish at least one menu item.

Also, we direct deposit your payments to your bank account, so you should also setup your bank account information in the app. The app will of course remind you about it.

How to Convert Foodies to Fans and Grow Your Income

1. Promptly reply to chat messages

The system allows a chat connection between a foodie and a chef. Typically the foodie might ask over the chat, questions about you or your offering. Engaging with the prospective customer promptly and in a helpful manner increases the chance of receiving an order and also the chance of getting a better review.

2. Acknowledge received orders

When you receive an order, you can either “confirm” or “reject” it within 24 hours. If you ignore the order and neither confirm or reject it within 24 hours, the app will cancel the order on behalf of the foodie. Ignoring orders repeatedly will also reduce your reputation score.

3. Mark orders as "Complete"

Once the order is ready and available for pick up, you should mark it as “Ready”. The app will notify the foodie about it.

Once the order is delivered or picked up, you must mark it as “Complete”. Marking “Complete” releases the payment to you. Without that, the payment will not be released.

The order marked as ready and not picked up by foodie by 9 pm can be marked as “Complete”.

Getting Paid for Your Completed Orders

1. Accepting Credit Cards

You do not need to worry about this. The app handles the credit card processing for you and absorbs the credit card processing costs as part of the relationship.

2. Sales tax processing

You do not need to worry about this. The app handles the sales tax processing for you.

The collected sales tax is paid out to you so that you can remit the sales tax to appropriate authority.

3. Receiving payments

LocalChefs program will remit your earnings minus the Relationship Fees (12% - minimum $1.50) accrued over a week on Sunday after the week. Note that the Relationship Fees is the only fees charged to you. For example, if your orders for the week totaled to $500 and sales tax was $25, you will receive 500 – 60 + 25 = $ 465 of which you will remit $25 sales tax to appropriate agency in your county.

The payment will be direct deposited to your bank account set up in the app. If the account information is incorrect and the remittance fails, we will notify you about the problem.

Please note that an order must be marked as “Complete” for the payment to be released for it.