Learn How to Start A Home Kitchen Based Food Business

Making the Decision
MicroEnterprise Home Kitchen Operations (MEHKO)
Great news is that more and more localities are allowing home based food business, that is, offering food cooked in your home kitchen to the consumers, as MEHKO.
If you enjoy cooking and would like to earn a good income from it without having to go through the trouble and expense of opening a restaurant. Compared to opening a restaurant, home based food business has very little initial expense and far fewer things to worry about. Checkout the comparison to restaurant.
Although low cost, it does require a small effort and small startup cost on your part to get started.
In California, Assembly Bill 626 makes it possible to run a food business from home kitchen. It does require individual county or city to participate and define a process for it.
So the first step is to check if your county allows home food business and if it does, what is the permit process and permit fees. You can check that here.
Getting the Permit
If your county allows home food business, get the permit by following the process required by your county.
Check back here to start the process.
If your county does not allow food business from your home kitchen, not all is lost. You can use a commercial kitchen that has commercial permit to start your business. Check out this article for that.
Grand Opening
Now that you have obtained permit or decided to use a commercial kitchen, next step is to start offering your food to the consumers. And unlike a restaurant, you do not have to do any cooking work until the orders are placed. So get ready to show case your food. You can do that in many ways.
LocalChefs is one great, easy and low cost way to get your food in front of your customers.
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